My Sydney Kate


I only have a few more months with my two year old. She will soon be three. I can’t even believe it, although I know it’s true. She is getting to be such a big girl. I miss my baby, but I love every second with this little one…even though they can be trying when she’s living up to the saying “terrible two’s”. Here are a few of her latest sayings:

“Um, I don’t know about that.”

“Mommy, please turn the songs on.” (I turn the radio on in the car.) “That’s better.”

“Just incase I love you…”

“What chur sayin’?”

“I’m sorry, Mommy, but I gotta…”

“Watch me go to sweep, please.” (We hear this one nightly.)

“Sammy” (our dog Sam. We’ve never called him Sammy, but she always has.)

“Surprise! Happy Birthday, Mommy!” (Thank goodness I haven’t had as many birthdays as she’s given me!)

“Stinky feet! You have stinky feet!” (We have a stinky feet song. She now accuses EVERYONE of having stinky feet! It’s quite funny.)

After being told “you need to start acting better”. Sydney replied, “OK, Mommy, I be berry berry better.” Made me smile.

“I miss my Daddy. He’s at work…far, far away.” (Didn’t know Daddy worked in a fairy tale! Bet he didn’t know that either! heehee)

“Daddy can do it.” (Daddy can do ANYTHING in her eyes and I *love* it!)

“I got blue eyes just like my daddy!” “Mommy, you got brown eyes.”

“My daddy makes me happy!” (Noticing a pattern?!)

I am trying my hardest to cherish every moment these days. I realize that very soon, I will look up and see a little girl. My baby girl will be far from us. I am loving this stage, though…minus the whiney attempts to get her way. She is loving and happy most of the time & loves to make people laugh and smile. She’s even found my tickle spot & can get me laughing so hard. She loves to play with Mommy and Daddy. Well, actually, she just loves to play with anyone that will play with her.

She also has found a love for Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Those make me smile because they were some of my favorites when I was little. I even remember begging my dad in Blockbuster or Movie Hut to rent a Care Bears movie. The answer was usually no, but occasionally he’d give in and get an extra movie for me. Last night, I discovered through my mom that I have Care Bears, Cabbage Patch dolls, Rainbow Bright, and a few other favorites sitting in a box at their house. I use to think she was silly for keeping those things. Now, it makes me smile. My daughter will get to play with them. :o) Thanks, Mom!! And thanks Dad for not throwing them away in your “spring cleanings”!

So, I guess with this blog I am really saying that I see the end of a stage coming. Three is around the corner. It is hitting me so much harder than the other birthdays did. Matter of fact, I could sit here in ball! I’m glad, though, that I have been able to stay home with her. I have been blessed to be able to cherish the little things. Thank you, Ryan, for giving me that blessing!

To Sydney, I could sit and cry happy tears as I think about how much you have blessed my life. I didn’t know before just how full my life could be by the addition of a little one. I am so thankful to be *your* mommy. Your smile, your love for life and those around you, your sweet tender moments when you say “I love you” just because you wanted to, the way you never meet a stranger and are friendly and outgoing to everyone you meet all make me melt. You are one of God’s greatest creations & I am thankful that He gave me the chance to really know you. Thank you for being such a fun little girl to be with. My prayer for you is that you will love God your whole life the way you do now, innocent and pure. May you always be just as happy and precious as you are this very moment. I love you, my sweet girl. I will enjoy the last months that you are two and the rest of the time God allows me to spend with you.


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