Trash to Treasure


Ok, so it wasn’t trash. It was $5 at a church yard sale, BUT it is now a nightstand in my daughter’s room. We purchased two of these, a dresser (that we are turning into an entertainment center), and a lamp. Our total at the yard sale was $16. Can’t beat that! This is the finished product of the nightstands & lamp. The dresser/entertainment center is still a work in progress.

The nightstands were quite dirty & needed to be cleaned, sanded, and stripped.

The stripping process was more than I bargained for, but it ended up being worth the pain & suffering.

After stripping the paint off, we primed & painted. That process was more time consuming that frustrating. I will think much harder next time I decide to strip furniture!

The finished product:

The lamp was a much easier project. All it required was some left over white spray paint & $4 lampshade. Total for the lamp was $5!



I’m pretty happy with the results. All in all, they turned out great & I learned a few things along the way. Up next, the dresser/entertainment center project & artwork for Alana’s room. Stay tuned!


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