Late Night/Early Morning


It’s 1:45 am, and I have a baby girl that is up for the second time tonight. Is she hungry? No. Is she cranky? No. Is she sleepy? No! She’s WIDE awake. Happy as a lark! By the time I got to her crib, she was cooing and smiling. I *almost* turned around and went back to bed. Since I knew she’d start crying & I’m not sleeping anyway, I got her and am now rocking her as she lays in my arms and watches me type this blog on my phone. (sigh) Second night she’s done this. If I was able to sleep, this would make me mad. Since I can’t quit coughing, it’s a change of pace. I’ll probably put a movie on through Netflix on my phone, hook up the earphones, and watch “Eat, Pray, Love” until she falls asleep. All while hoping tomorrow night is a better night.


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