Sleep, Baby Sleep


Alana has now slept in her crib at night for 4 night’s!! The transition was such a smooth one! I figured since we were changing our routine of where we were, we might as well establish the new routine with her in her crib instead of making one routine and the switching in a few weeks. The first night, she woke up one time extra. It took me about 15 minutes to get her back to sleep and me back in my bed. From the second night on, she has slept beautifully!! It has been so much easier than I expected!

Napping…now, that’s a different story. She wants to be held to nap. As soon as I put her down, she wakes up. I love holding my baby girl, but it doesn’t allow me to get anything done during the day. This week, my plan is to start working with her on napping in her crib. We’ll see how it goes. Cross your fingers for me!


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