Move Number ??


Ryan and I feel like seasoned pros when it comes to moving. We’ve been in our current house for 3 years & that is the longest we have lived in one place during our 9 1/2 year marriage. I guess that’s why I’m taking this move so well.

Ryan was offered a job on Sunday. We made the decision to say yes on Tuesday. We’re moving, weather permitting, tomorrow (Saturday). In less than a week our lives have drastically changed!

Most people that know me know I like a good plan. I don’t mind plans changing as long as we start with a plan. Once we set the original plan, I was good to go. Having moved so many times, I realize our stuff will get there and it will all get done. No need to spaz. 🙂

I will miss many things about Elizabethtown. The main two things are our church family and our next door neighbor. If I could pack up First Christian and Ms. Brenda and take them with me, I would! They have made this city feel like home to us. That’s the part of moving I hate!

Tomorrow starts the fun part, though. I really do enjoy this part of moving. I guess I’m weird. Besides the sad part of leaving sweet friends, it feels so refreshing to purge the clutter, decorate a new place, and start fresh.

I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I end up spazzing. Fingers crossed I keep my wits about me!


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