Late Night Snuggles


I have recently learned that there is more to life than sleep. Yes, I hear the gasps of my family members & the disbelief that they are actually reading those words typed from my hand. It is true. Sleep is highly overrated.

What isn’t overrated? Sweet cuddles with Alana. Don’t get me wrong. Lesli is still in this body. When Alana cries, my first reaction is “already!?” However, after a moment of waking up, sitting up, and grabbing my sweet baby that thought is long gone. I’m now happy to cuddle with my sweet child.

Last night, we were up for 2 1/2 hours before she decided to go to sleep. She wasn’t fussy or whiney. She was just wide awake, so we cuddled. We rocked, talked, and just enjoyed being in each other’s company. It was precious time with my youngest.

I wasn’t so wise with Sydney. However, Sydney didn’t sleep as well as Alana is sleeping. With Sydney, I might get an hour of sleep before she’d wake up. Basically, she just napped for the first several months of her life. I was exhausted. For that reason, my reaction to her waking up & to being up at night was not the same as it is with Alana. I wish it was. I’d give anything to go back and be smarter about that time. I can’t. All I can do is make the most of the time I have now…with both of them.

Alana, overall, is sleeping really well. On a typical night, not like last night, she will get up around 2 am or 3 am to eat. She’s normally back asleep within 30 minutes. Then she’s back up again in 3-4 hours. Not too bad! Last night was a different story. However, she was still only up 2 1/2 hours. Can’t really complain about that! I’m thankful she’s letting me sleep, because it is allowing me to really cherish the moments that we’re up…just the two of us, cuddling.


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  1. GASP . . . GASP . . . GASP . . . Heart racing . . . Can’t breathe . . . The world’s comin’ to an end!!!! She SAID that sleep is overrated. Who is that person? An alien has taken over her mind and body! Please give her back! She NEEDS her sleep!

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