Alana Ryan Hughes


Alana Ryan Hughes


1:45 pm

8 lb. 1 oz.

Ryan and I headed to the hospital Thursday morning to be induced. At 10 o’clock, they started the pitocin. I started having contractions and waited for the moment when they said it was time for the epidural. Not long after the contractions got nice and hard, they said I was ready for an epidural and called the anesthesiologist. He promptly came up and got it going. The only problem is it didn’t quite work like it did when I was in labor with Sydney. Actually, it didn’t work at all! 😦 After telling the nurse that it wasn’t working, she checked to see if we still had time to call the anesthesiologist back up. Unfortunately, we had run out of time. No drugs for me! At 1:25 pm Ryan notified my mom, who was at our house with Sydney, that it looked like it was time to start pushing. The nurse frantically got a few others to help set up the room for the birth. Once the room was set up, we began getting this little girl into the world. By 1:45 pm, she was here…yes, 20 minutes later. I pushed for about 10 minutes. If having a birth naturally, that is the way to go!

By that afternoon, we had a precious baby girl. Alana Ryan Hughes. Sydney was the first person we let back. It was probably the most precious moment I have ever experienced in my life. To see her smile & joy about our new addition completely melted me. I started crying, and the nurse started crying. It was a precious, precious moment I will never forget.

Since coming home, Sydney has been the best big sister I could ever ask her to be. She loves every second of her day with Alana. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning or from her nap is to check and see where Alana is. If Alana is crying, she talks to her. If that doesn’t help, she promptly gets us and tells us Alana needs us. She is a natural at being a big sister, and I simply could not be more proud of her.

To my sweet Alana,

We are so thankful you joined our family. I simply could not have imagined or prepared for how I would feel having you here. I thought I could anticipate how I would feel since I already had your sister. I was wrong. It is such an awesome feeling to have two daughters. Our family is complete with you in it. I look forward to watching you grow up and seeing the person you become. Just don’t get in a hurry growing up. I am loving our sweet little cuddles.

Love you,



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  1. Sis!! I couldn’t have beamed with pride more than when I read this and saw the pic of the girls together. You have two sweet luvbugs there!! Plus! I had no idea you did this without drugs!! You go girl! Love you!

    • Yup! No drugs. Can’t say I would recommend it, but it’s doable! 😉 Love you!! Thanks for being an amazing auntie & sis!!! Love ya!

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