Well Hello Mr. Panic Attack!


Last night while lying in bed not being able to sleep, I realized I had been thinking about how I could rearrange the girls’ room for about 30 mintues. It didn’t help me go back to sleep, to say the least! I started panicking. I mean, lose your breath panicking. I finally laughed at myself an tried to put it out of my mind until morning. Once I woke up this morning, the panicking started again. I will attribute it to nesting since we still have over 8 weeks to go.

The part that made me panic the most was knowing that in those 8 weeks, we have Thanksgiving and Christmas along with Ryan’s two normal drill weekends. When I figured it up, we actually have 4 weekends to get the girls’ room ready, Christmas decorations up, and Christmas presents purchased. That really isn’t much time. Of course, some of it can be done during the week. However, a lot of it requires my husband’s manly muscles (physical labor that a prego cannot do). 😉

So what am I doing on the computer typing this blog when I should be hard at work in the girls’ room?! Good question! Bye!


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