Sydney’s Birthday Party


This year we chose to do things differently. Usually, we have a small birthday party for Sydney at my parents’ house. We have family and maybe a friend for Sydney. Although I have loved those parties and they have had their purpose with Sydney being so young, this year we decided to celebrate Sydney turning 4 with a bang. After all, it is her last birthday with her in the complete spotlight by herself. 😉

When researching where we should have it, I checked into Yaya’s Island. Since they are under new management from the last time we checked into a birthday party, they were much cheaper. We made the plans and hoped that it would be all we had expected it to be.

Turns out, it was MORE than we expected it to be. I believe all of the little friends and big friends had a great time. I don’t believe there was one person that walked away from that party saying it was boring or that they had a bad time. Success! Parents played with their kids, kids played hard, and others sat back and watched the fun. Being pregnant, I was one of the “others that sat back and watched the fun”! 😉 I had a blast watching, though! It was such a joy to see so many smiling faces.

Here are a few pics from the night:

Sweet friends-Ashton & Sydney

Sydney’s cousin Zoë and Aunt Laura

Reidland church friends

Sweet Cousins-Madison & Zoë

Thank you to everyone that came out and made Sydney’s birthday so special. It means the world to Ryan and me to have such great friends and family surround us at important moments in life. Although we don’t see you on a daily, weekly, or sometimes monthly basis, you are so cherished to us! Love each of you!


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