Funny Birthday Moments


This morning started like most mornings, Sydney crawling in bed with me. I love these mornings! She crawls in bed & we snuggle for a few minutes before either of us says a word. Quiet, peaceful mornings. 🙂

After our snuggle, I looked at her and said, “Happy birthday, Sydney!” She smiled a HUGE smile and said, “Thank you, Mama.” I asked, “How old are you today?” and fully expected her to shout “FOUR!” Instead, she said “three”. I was quite confused by this response since we’ve been talking about her birthday for a while now. I responded, “Three? Aren’t you four?” She says, “no, I’m three. SEE!! (now standing on my bed) I’m still little!!” It took all I had not to laugh! I told her “well, when your birthday comes around, you have to turn the next number. You don’t have a choice.” Then at that moment I saw a gap between her pajama pants and her socks and said, “See!! Look here! You grew THAT much last night!!” She literally gasped and said “Yea!! I AM four!!” It was one of the funnies moments!

After our conversation, I told her of our plans today: lunch with daddy, getting nails done, shopping. She’s completely thrilled by all of the plans. I told her we could go to the Disney store, one which she usually requests. Her response, “yeah, but that’s the second store. The first store is the Apple.” I knew her daddy would be pleased with that response! She LOVES that store! It looks like the Apple Store will be added to our “to-do” list. 🙂 Now, I’m off to have a fun day with just my girl.


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  1. Lesli what a sweet memory! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I wish I could see you and give you both a hug. Love you and tell Sydney Happy Birthday for us on her special day, even though I’m sure by now she has no clue who we are. 🙂

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