Genie needed


This weekend, we began moving baby things into the house from the garage. No, it’s not nesting…ok, maybe a little. Yes, I still have plenty of time. The reason is mostly because I wanted to make the switch for Sydney’s clothes from summer to fall. The next few weeks/months are going to be extremely busy. This weekend we were free, so I decided to go ahead and “git-r-done”. (Plus, Ryan really wanted the garage cleaned out!)

Sydney is a creature of habit. When things are put in a certain place, she likes for them to go back into that place. Moving them to a new “home” usually comes with resistance. Knowing this, I decided it might be smart to figure out where the baby’s things need to go along with her things (since they’re sharing a room). That way once it is all put away, we will have no drama…hopefully.

In theory, this was a great idea. However, it is taking me a lot longer to figure out how I want things organized than I thought it would. Today instead of being in a nesting mode & ready to get things done, I’m overwhelmed. How do babies have so much stuff?! Where in the world am I going to put all of it with so little storage space. I have no idea. I will figure it out. I am realizing, however, that it may not all happen today. I will make progress today & plan to not be frustrated at the end of the day if not as much progress was made as I had hoped. Hopefully, I can stick to that plan! 😉

Wish me luck! Please pass along any little tricks you know like: wiggling your nose to make many things fit in tiny spaces, a fairy’s phone number that can transform a small space into a much bigger space, or just sheer magic! Thanks!


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