Little Funnies


Last night, I was helping Sydney get changed and ready for bed. I was sitting on the ottoman in her room. She pulled up a chair of hers so we could talk. I took that moment to go ahead and say our prayers. She gladly stated she would go first. Her prayer sounded something like this:

“Dear God, thank you for keeping us safe. Please help Mommy drive better with the baby. Keep Daddy safe and home tomorrow afternoon. Amen.”

I literally bit my lip to keep from laughing during her prayer. First, it was so stinking cute. Second, all noise in the rest of the house had quieted. That meant my husband was standing outside the door listening. I knew I would be hearing that for the rest of the night! I was right. He took every opportunity to remind me that my three year old thinks I’m a bad driver. I do believe one of the comments was, “you didn’t hear her pray that Daddy be a better driver!” Cute, cute. The funny part, he had no idea what was coming. Neither did I, but it ended up being worth the wait.

A few moments later, Ryan was brushing his teeth across the hall from Sydney’s room. She quickly reminded him that he had not yet prayed before bed. In response, he asked her if she wanted him to pray with her. She said, “yes you need to pray!” By this time, I was crying I was laughing so hard. She had no idea we thought any of this was funny. Little did she know, she made our nights.


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