Many of you know my wedding story, but I will recap quickly for those of you that don’t. On 9-11, when the twin towers fell, my fiancé and I got a pit in our stomach. We found out on the evening of 9-26 that the pit in our stomach was correct. He, a Navy Reservist, would be shipping out on 10-01. His orders were for a year up to two years. We decided instead of waiting for him to get home & start planning our wedding, we would go ahead and get married. There were many hoops that needed to be jumped: church, minister, marriage license, approval from the Navy, altered wedding dress, flowers, etc. They all worked out PERFECTLY. Even my brother, living in TX, was able to get to the wedding with only a 1/2 days notice. Each story is almost worthy of the word “miracle”. Why? Because it was evident that God’s hand was working. Everything came into place, & on 9-28 we were married.


We were married on a Friday & on Monday morning my new hubby left for what would end up being 9 months. I knew what I was doing when I said “I do”. I realized it was making me a military wife. Having now gone through 2 deployments, I would not change one thing. Being a military wife (even though I do it part-time), is the best/worst job in the world. Seeing the pride & determination on my husband’s face, makes it completely worth it. He loves this country & the people in it. So do I. However, he will leave his loved ones in a heartbeat to protect us all.

On this day nine years ago, I learned first hand that we, as Americans, pull together. We love each other no matter the race, religion, social status, etc. I hope as we remember this day we will remember that, to love. Let’s not wait for moments of crisis to show our true spirit. Let’s show it every day, in the grocery store, front yard, work, school. Let it be a testament of who we are as Americans. We are people that pull together, support each other, and cross oceans knowing we could die for each other. The pride, love, & camaraderie we felt that day, I hope we never lose.


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  1. Your heart and creative writing skills never cease to amaze me! You get both of these from your father. Have you thought of doing a search of writing for people? Maybe even starting a online business where you compose messages for people like me who cannot get their thoughts into words?
    Proud of you.

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