Ryan felt “Charlie” kick for the first time this morning!! She’s so active & so stubborn! I’ve felt her for many weeks now, but every time he would put his hand to my tummy she would stop. Sydney was that way, too. This morning, she was doing tumbles & cartwheels. Thank goodness she kept it up long enough for him to feel. She even started hitting his hand! Made it worth being up at the crack of dawn!

Speaking of being up that early, this kiddo is getting me prepared for sleepless nights already! (Yes, I do remember that there actually is NO preparation for that.) She wakes & plays early in the morning! Sometimes I can get back to sleep, but it takes waiting on her to calm down. It’s neat to feel her kicks! However, being the amazingly wonderful morning person that I am (cough, cough) she could wait until the sun actually makes an appearance before practicing her gymnastics. 😉 That’s ok, though, just more confirmation that everything is going well.


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