The fact that I am halfway through this pregnancy astounds me. I remember thinking while pregnant with Sydney that I would be pregnant forever. I did not have a bad pregnancy, but it didn’t feel like it flew by. This pregnancy is flying by!

There are parts of me that are happy that the pregnancy is flying by, & there are parts of me that absolutely hate it. The not feeling good at the beginning & knowing that will be the same at the end have me happy that it’s going quickly. The fact that this will probably be my last pregnancy, really has me sad that it’s going so quickly. Ryan said the other day while I was expressing this sentiment, “So, you want to drag feeling miserable out?!” No, not exactly. However, knowing there is a little miracle growing inside me & knowing how quickly the first year will go by makes me try to savor each day. I’m even almost looking forward to the middle of the night cries, time with just baby. If you know me very well, you know that I love my sleep. The statement of happy to have interrupted sleep amazes even me.

Last week I found out that the little miracle is a girl!! I was floored. If you’ve read my blog before, you know that Sydney just knew the baby was a boy & she had already nicknamed him Charlie. I started to believe her. I was sure last week that I would hear, “It’s a boy!” When I did not hear that, I was in shock. What? Are you sure?! Yes, she was very sure. I’m excited we’re having a girl! Thrilled! I just did not see it coming. Guess I shouldn’t have banked on what a 3 year old said!

One of my first thoughts was, “How do I raise two girls?!” I’ve always thought I’d be raising a girl and a boy. Coming from that growing up as well as Ryan being one of three boys, I felt blessed to get my first girl. I never dreamed it would be possible to raise two. Then I laughed at myself. “How will I raise two girls?” I will raise two girls the same way I have been raising one. Praying, asking God to give me what I need in each moment to be the mommy they need me to be, and taking it one day at a time. How silly can I be?

Sydney took the news really well! We expected a temper tantrum, but instead we were able to witness her jumping for joy with a smile on her face. The news was presented VERY well by my husband. That’s a daddy that knows his little girl!

Since finding out the news, it has been sinking in. I am having another girl. In about 20 weeks, I will be the mom of two precious girls. Life just doesn’t get any sweeter than that! Praise God for the miracles he provides.


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