Sydney Funnies


Here are a few sayings that I want to remember & share:

The other day we were at my parents’ house. Everyone was outside except for Sydney and me. She needed to potty. I helped her up & then left the bathroom. I stayed within earshot & this is the song I heard, “Pee the juice out, pee the juice out. You drink the juice & then you gotta pee the juice out. Pee the juice out.” Cracked me up! This girl can write a song for anything!

Ryan and I took Sydney to the zoo last Saturday to see Pablo from the Backyardigans on Nick, Jr. It was a great day. We stopped on a bench to rest for a few minutes. Sydney kept running around & playing. She fell & skinned her knee a little bit. Of course, with her, you’d think her entire knee was cut open! haha Later in the day, Sydney looks at me and says, “Mama, I have a boo boo.” I said, “Yes, Sydney, I know. You’re fine.” To which she replied, “See, look! I cracked!” lol

We were trying to decide on a restaurant to eat the other day. I told Ryan that I didn’t care where we ate but didn’t want to eat at “Taco Ding”. (Sydney LOVES Taco Bell for some reason.) As soon as the words were out of my mouth, this little voice says, “But I want to eat at Taco Bell!” Must get smarter on my trickery.

While playing with her numbers on the refrigerator, Sydney says, “Are you 1, Mama?” I said, “No, I’m 31.” She replies, “Woa…my numbers don’t make 31!!” haha Thanks, kid!

This morning this is what I hear, “Well, I guess it’s a good day! A good, good, good day!”

Everyday this little girl gives me something to smile and giggle about. She talks nonstop, makes up songs without even thinking, and loves to make us smile/laugh. It is a joy to be her mama & be able to stay at home with her! Thank you, God, for giving us the ability to keep me home!


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