Spring Fever


This week, I have had major spring fever! Ryan has probably hated me for it to some degree, but it has paid off! Our yard is looking so good & my house is a lot cleaner than it was!

Last Sunday afternoon sparked the fever. We worked in the front yard. All of the hedges have been trimmed, weeds & ivy have been tamed, and mulch has been put down. It was bad! I mean, really bad! haha Now, it looks really good!

Monday morning, I worked in the house. I did laundry. I washed, hung, and steamed curtains. I dusted, vacuumed (well, technically, hubby did that one), and got my kitchen in order.

Monday afternoon, we moved into the backyard. We had many little trees that were sprouting, weeds that needed pulling, and peach trees that needed pruning. That took until dark & the next day.

Wednesday Ryan was off from work. We ran errands most of the day in Louisville. On our way home, we made a stop to Meijer and Lowe’s for flowers!! 🙂 I spent that evening planting flowers in my pots. I love, love, love when spring comes, & I’m able to add color to the back yard! It suddenly turns into my little oasis.

Yesterday morning, I looked out my back window and smiled. Our hard work really made the yard look great. The grass just needed to be mowed again to make it look perfect. After seeing that rain was predicted for today, I decided to go ahead and mow. While mowing, I was chased by a bee  1/2 the time. It is really possessive of one of our bushes! Besides the bee, Sydney followed me showing me the places I missed. So, I heard “Bzzz, Bzzz…Mommy! You missed a spot!!” (Most of the “spots” were weeds popping back up.) It was an interesting time of mowing! I finally moved out of the bee’s possessive territory and promised Sydney a treat if she would just go play and let me mow. Mowing went quite a bit faster after that! 😉

This morning, I expected to get up, look outside, and see a beautifully manicured yard. That is not what I saw! Sure, the yard looked great! My flowers, however, were a different story!! My neighbor has told me that we have an opossum running around our neighborhood. Either he/she or another varmint got into my flowers! Grrrr…. I told Ryan if…well, you probably don’t want to know what I told Ryan!! haha It wasn’t “bad”, just not animal-friendly. You can guarantee, if it happens again, I will be staying up to scare that thing away! I did not do all that work to have my beautiful flowers mangled!

This coming week, Ryan is on vacation!! I can’t wait to have him home! The plan is to be in Paducah part of the time & home part of the time. We were hoping to camp, but so far the weather predictions are not permitting. We’ll see. We also plan to put in a garden!! It is our first attempt at a garden, & I am so excited!!! If you have any gardening tips, we’d love to hear them! Hopefully, we’ll have some fresh fruits & veggies by mid-end of summer!!! I cannot wait! We’ll let you know how it goes!


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