What’s in a Name?


I’ve been having a ton of fun creating more bows. Most of the bows have been posted in an album on Facebook. To my surprise, several people have suggested I start selling on Etsy!

My ideas started out of frustration. I haven’t been able to find what I am looking for since Sydney was born. All the bows at the stores are either too big or the patterns are just, well, ugly. I got the idea to make them myself. I wasn’t really sure how easy/hard it would be. I bought the supplies–not even sure they were the correct supplies–and started playing. I have been completely overwhelmed by everyone’s reaction! Thank you all so much for your positive feedback!! It really means so much to me!

After receiving the positive feedback, I am considering opening a store on Etsy. I’m still a little ways away from that process. I need to get more supplies, make more bows, and come up with a store name.

That’s where you all come in! I have been wracking my brain for a good name. Most of the names I’ve come up with are already taken. Any good suggestions? I look forward to hearing your great ideas!! I am really stumped.

Once the store is up and running, I will let you know! Thanks for making this new avenue possible!


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