Looks Like Spring…Looks Can Be Deceiving


I’ve heard the term “spring fever”, but have never related to that term quite as much as today! I am anxious to get outdoors! I want to hike, camp, play in the backyard, plant flowers, grill, take walks, etc. Those are just the things that come to my mind right off the bat!

Today, I woke up in an incredible mood! I attribute it to the bright sun & cloudless sky. I immediately wanted to get outside! Well, until I let the dog out and realized that it was still freezing outside! Ah, a few more days/weeks & you won’t be able to keep me indoors!!

“God, I anxiously await the moment when I can praise you for the beauty that you will show us this spring. The renewal of the plants & our attitudes! You never cease to amaze me with your creation!”


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