Healthy Eating


Ryan and I have been saying that we need to eat healthier for a while now. We’ve made some changes: whole wheat bread, no sodas, less eating out. Our cooking at home hasn’t changed much, though.  I have decided to change that.

A sweetie at Christmas gave me a cookbook called “Deceptively Delicious“. It has neat recipes to add vegetables to all kinds of dishes. There are breakfast dishes, side dishes, desserts. One recipe for brownies has carrots and spinach in it!! That sounds gross! Supposedly, though, you cannot taste the vegetables! I’m giving it a shot & going to try out the recipes. 🙂

The second one I have is “Taste of Home: Comfort Food Diet Cookbook“. Since there are many recipes in “Deceptively Delicious” that I’m a little nervous about (mostly because I am the picky eater), I decided to have a back-up cookbook to cook from. This book has many of our favorites. That way, on nights that I do not feel adventurous, I can use some old faithful dishes that are lighter recipes.

My plan with both cookbooks is to start the transition from eating what we want all the time to eating what our bodies need for fuel. I am such a bad eater! I would love to eat fast food and junk everyday! Doing that isn’t just bad for me. It teaches my daughter bad habits that she will in turn have to break or will end up teaching her children. My mother cooked most nights. We rarely ate out. That’s more what I want to teach my daughter.

I plan to use this blog to help keep me accountable. I’ll report good recipes. Please feel free to share good/healthy recipes with me! I would love to hear them!! Wish us luck and healthy eating!


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