Blessing in My Life


My husband is the best husband a gal could ask for…just ask my mom. She’ll back me!

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be having my 3rd surgery for endometriosis.  I can’t say I’m excited about it, but it must be done. It’s an out-patient surgery. No big deal, really.

When explaining the pre-surgery things I have to do, my husband did something that, to me, was very sweet. I told him of the clear liquid diet that will be on the day prior to surgery. I also told him about the “drink” that I have to have that night. He quickly told me that he would join me in the clear liquid diet. He does not want me to suffer alone. As far as the “drink” goes, I’m on my own. 😉 Can’t say I blame him there!

How many people would offer to eat basically nothing all day so that the one they love won’t feel so bad? Can’t say that I would have thought to do the same thing. That’s what makes him a better person than me. He doesn’t think about himself. He thinks about others…mostly, his girls. That makes me so thankful that I am his girl. 🙂 Tonight, I lay my head on my pillow feeling very blessed. Surgery or no surgery.

Thank you, Babe. Although, I have to say, I will not be making you stick to your offer.


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