Where Is My Christmas Spirit?


For some reason, this year I cannot seem to get into the “Christmas spirit”. Not sure why. I have done all the right things: put up the Christmas tree, sang Christmas songs with Sydney, visited the Opryland Hotel, purchased Christmas presents (one of my favorite things to do at Christmas…buy for others). Usually, these are things that I do with so much joy. This year, however, I am forcing myself to do them. Why? I have no idea. It’s like time crept up on me. I feel like we’re in September trying to celebrate Christmas early. My head says, “It’s Christmas time. The calendar says December 10th.” My heart says, “Are you sure?!” Much like my confusion on the time this morning. My clock on the side of the bed said 7:21am. My iPod said 8:04. Although, 8:04 turned out to be correct, I still felt it was 7:21.

Because I’m not in the Christmas spirit, some things are not going to be done this year. I’m not sending out Christmas cards. It became too much of a hassle. The pictures at the Opryland Hotel did not turn out. They’re all blurry. We’re mourning the loss of our camera. I’m also not putting lights out front. It’s already December 10th, & it’s FREEZING outside. Not going to fight the cold this year. We’ll just drive Sydney around in our heated car and let her see other people’s lights.

So see?! I’ve turned into a bah humbug. I’ve made fun of my husband for 9 years now for being such a grump at Christmas. This year, it’s me. Where did you go Christmas spirit? Will you please come back?


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  1. That’s sad. I’m a bahumbug, too, but just me. It’s not right for a festive person to be a ba humbug. I hope the Christmas spirit catches up to you soon.

    On another note, I think I fixed the comment problem on my blog. Maybe now it’ll work for you?


    • Great! Glad to know it’s fixed. I read every one!! Just passed your trick of treats each hour of a trip to a friend driving to KY from FL! 🙂

      I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit! I thought about wrapping presents tonight to see if that would help. Then realized I would have “help” wrapping them and decided to wait until nap-time tomorrow. 😉

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