Happy Day!



Yesterday we found out that Pops (Ryan’s dad) got good news when he went for his blood test! Woohoo!! He has colon cancer & is going through chemo. The day we found out he had cancer was a very dark day…even literally! It was hard & scary to hear that news. He has been such a fighter, though! I have been so inspired by him. His spirits have been high. He is so positive about everything. Even on his bad days, he still says he’s feeling ok. Wow.

He’s not over it, yet. He still has to get chemo treatments until the end of February/beginning of March. However, a small weight was lifted yesterday. We are praising God for his faithfulness & answering prayers. I honestly don’t know how people get through things like this without God. He is our source of strength and comfort.

“Thank you, God, for keeping Pops in your hands. Thank you for putting him in our lives. He is a wonderful father, father-in-law, husband, and grandfather. He has been such an example of what a father/grandfather should be. We will continue to have faith that you are in control of his life and our lives. We love you and are so thankful that we have you to lean on during this scary time. We praise you for the wonderful results he received yesterday. We pray that the good results continue to pour in. Again, thank you for blessing us with a man that trusts you and has such a positive outlook.”



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