Sydney These Days


Sydney is quickly becoming a little girl. She doesn’t go many places without her baby doll! She use to play with them a little or take them in the car when we would go. Now, she sleeps with them, feeds them, takes them to the “doctor”, talks to them, and loves on them. It is so neat to see her imagination! In a little less than a month, she will be 3! Where does the time go?! I love my big girl!

She decided this week that she wants to wear big girl panties! Whoohoo! It’s a much longer process than I thought it would be. According to my mother, I was trained in a day! Sydney fully knows how. She just doesn’t like to stop what she’s doing to go. She’ll get there. At least it’s a start!!

Last night, Sydney asked if we could go see family in Paducah. I told her we would soon. To that she replied, “I go with my baby sister!” Ryan and I turned and looked at her funny. I said, “You don’t have a baby sister.” She said, “Snow White will give me one!” For the rest of the night, she talked about how Snow White is going to give her a baby sister. Either I’ve misunderstood most everything about the birds and the bees, or my daughter’s imagination is in full force! I think she’s given up on Mommy and Daddy giving her a baby sister. So, she’s going to the princesses! They can do ANYTHING!

Hopefully before too long, Sydney will be a potty-trained three year old!! Who knows, if she’s right and I’m wrong, she might even have a baby sister. I’ll have to consult with Snow White, though.


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  1. How cute is that!! I can’t believe our girls are about to be 3, it just seems unreal. Reagan has been potty trained since January, but I hope you have better luck then we have. She still has 2-3 accidents a week because she doesnt’ like to stop what she is doing!! Rylie never had any accidents, so I use the term potty trained very loosely 🙂 I have even caught her naked outside because she just squats in the grass instead of coming inside to use the bathroom!! Thank goodness for fences!

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