Where to Begin?!


Sorry for the blog silence. I honestly have not known where to start. So, I would say, “Ah, I’ll leave it for tomorrow.” Off to cleaning the house I would go. Now, I figure if I don’t blog about all the happenings, I’ll forget to. Here we go… (the abbreviated version, still long, but abbreviated)

Ryan has been on the road SO much lately! Sydney even asked me one day where Daddy lives. I tried to explain to her that he lives with us in Elizabethtown, but that he was working in Nashville and had to live there this week. She sort of understands what “Nashville” means since we’re there so much, but explaining the concept to an almost 3 year old is quite difficult. She REALLY began missing her daddy. Since she was missing him so much, we changed our game plan. Instead of heading to Paducah when Daddy goes out-of-town, we decided we would start heading out with Daddy when he goes. So far, she has been a much happier child. I’m exhausted, but at least she’s happy! 😉

A few weeks ago while I was out with a friend and her daughter, I got a call from Ryan saying that he was finished early in Nashville and needed me to drive down. He carpooled with his boss down to Nashville. Since they were finished early with one project and he was staying behind to help with another, he was stranded. I headed back to my parents’ house, did a load of laundry (desperately needed load), did a few other things that had to be done before leaving town, and packed us up. We were at the hotel by 9 pm! That was pretty good for all I had to do!

After Ryan finished the project, we headed down to Atlanta to visit Kit, Laura, and Zoë!!! We love our time with them! It’s always so laid back and relaxing. There’s no pretension going on. It’s just us being us! Such a nice feeling!!

Friday afternoon, we headed to Montgomery, Alabama to visit our favorite Alabama family…the Morris family!! We haven’t all had a chance to really visit since we left Dallas 2 1/2 years ago!! It was a time we knew we would cherish! I was also excited for Sydney to meet Micah, Anna, and Bekah! Technically, she’s met them before, but she didn’t remember it. She had a BLAST!! She was in heaven with all of the “big girl” toys!! Plus, she loves playing with her friends…whoever they are. She still hasn’t quit talking about Anna and Bekah. She calls them daily on her play phone and they call her back! haha! She’ll tell me, “Anna (or Bekah) just called me back!” haha! Gotta love imaginations!

After leaving the Morris family on Sunday, we headed back to Atlanta. We helped pack, clean, watch kiddos (my job and I LOVED it), and socialize. We tried to soak in every minute of our time with them. They’re moving soon & will be further away. Although the distance isn’t impossible to get to, it will probably shorten the visits or amount of time we get to see them each year. We understand that from living in Dallas! So, we tried to make the time with them good enough to last until Christmas! Although, I have to admit, I miss them already!

Monday, Ryan made the decision for us to head back home a day early. Sydney and I had been on the road for a week and a half & I was not feeling well. It seems my endometriosis has flared back up. By being with others, I didn’t stop and rest like I probably should have. I hated leaving early, but it was nice to get back home in my own bed.

I had hoped with a few days of rest, I would be able to make it in to Paducah for the weekend as planned. That didn’t turn out to be the case. Luckily, today I’m starting to feel better! Thank goodness! I’ve learned my lesson! When I start hurting, SIT DOWN! haha

It was a great visit with people that are very important to us! We love you all & miss you all! Thanks for letting us crash at your houses & spend time with you! Love you all!!


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