We’re All Back Home!!


Saturday, Sydney and I picked Ryan up at the airport. He has been in CA for 2 weeks, and we have missed him! Sydney was cute when she finally woke up and saw him. She went straight to him, kept hugging & kissing him, and didn’t want him out of sight. It was precious. She really, really missed her daddy!

Saturday night we were all back under one roof. That made me very happy!! It was nice hanging out, watching TV, and having a relaxing evening together.

Yesterday afternoon, we went out on the town a little bit & then came back for another relaxing evening. I love hanging out with my two loves! It was a very good night. Now we just have to wait 3 more weekends for us to have another weekend doing whatever we want.

Now, for the headaches that I have been *blessed* with over the past 3 weeks, they can go AWAY! Heehee! I really want them gone, but am coping with them the best I can. It starts in my neck and creeps up my head. Its muscular, so it’s hard to treat. Heat, massages, and muscle relaxers seem to help a little, but it’s not getting rid of it completely. If anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions!! Although I love having an excuse to get a massage, I think at this point I’d rather have the headache gone! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive & caring!! Thanks for the prayers, too!! Keep them up!


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