Judging is Wrong, No Matter Who Is Being Judged


Today, I learned a little something about myself. I am guilty of judging. While watching the Michael Jackson memorial, I realized that those who judged will too be judged. It doesn’t matter if it is your next door neighbor or the King of Pop…it is judgement.

I fell for it, like many of you. I fell for everything the media fed me. Being a Navy wife, you’d think I wouldn’t but I did. The Navy has taught me that you never listen to what is going on in the media while your sailor is overseas. You listen to the Navy. The media is there to sell stories. Their aim is not always accuracy, but headlines. So, when talking about the speculations surrounding Michael Jackson, I bought into it.

It wasn’t until today that I realized that unless you are the man in the mirror that you are judging, you have no room to judge. I have no idea what Michael Jackson went through. From age five on, he didn’t have any sense of the normal life I have had. He even said in an interview that people wouldn’t talk to him like they talked to their neighbor. I do not know what he felt or thought. I’m sure his life had a sense of huge satisfaction of his accomplishments. I’m also sure there was a huge loneliness that went along with it.

So, who was he? I don’t know. I don’t need to know. That is for God to know. All I know, is that today the world is mourning to a degree. An extremely talented musician was lost. He will be remembered and listened to for years to come. The rest, is none of my business.


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