Sydney’s First Trip to Build-A-Bear


This weekend since my dad was in Oklahoma visiting some of our friends that recently moved, my mom came for a visit. We had a great time! She arrived Saturday morning. We ate a quick bite & then headed to The Summit in Louisville. (The Summit is a large outdoor mall.) Ryan and I have only been there once. That time, I only ran in one store & that was it. Saturday, we toured the whole thing.

Our first stop at The Summit was Build-A-Bear! We always pass up the is store, but I thought we might go in to get look at the prices before Sydney’s birthday in October…just to get some ideas. Well, little did I know, Gigi got other ideas. Sydney walked out with her first Build-A-Bear!! Whoohoo! Thanks, Gigi!! Here are a few pictures of her first experience:

Sydney and Gigi at Build A Bear 2Gigi and Sydney choosing which friend would go home with us.

Sydney and Gigi at Build A Bear 3Could this be the one?

Sydney at Build A BearWow! Look at all the choices!!

100_3706This was the final choice. Introducing…”Doggie”

100_3709Doggie will be very loved. She hasn’t been put down since Gigi left!!

Now, we can get accessories for Doggie for Sydney’s birthday instead of buying a new friend!! Yay! This outing makes Sydney and Mommy very happy!!

“Thanks, again Gigi!! We had a great time with you & are so thankful that you were able to pop in for a day! Love you!”


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