Happy Father’s Day, Dads!


Sunday is Father’s Day. It will be a new spin on Father’s Day for us this year. We will be staying home and not traveling. That’s a first, right?! We have traveled so much the last few months with things to do almost every weekend. Ryan decided that we would stay home this year. I have to admit, a holiday where we’re not running around like our heads are chopped off trying to make everyone happy sounds really good. I’m not saying our families are impossible to please. I’m just saying a nice quiet weekend at home where we can say thank you to the daddy in our little family sounds perfect.

Since we will not be with our dads this Father’s Day, I thought I would blog and say thank you to them. Here goes…

100_0023Sydney and Pops

Pops (aka Ryan’s dad), thank you for helping bring Ryan into this world. I can’t imagine a better father or husband than he is. He has much of that thanks to you. You have taught your boys what respect means. In this day in age, that’s not a popular thing to do. You have shown them right from wrong & expected them to do right. You are a wonderful and loving grandfather to my baby girl. My world is a better place because of the father you have been to Ryan. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

100_1677My daddy (aka Paw Paw) & my baby girl (Sydney)

Dad, where to even start…you have always been Daddy, the man that can do anything, the man that can save the world. It wasn’t until you broke your hip that I realized you weren’t a superhero…I mean that honestly. When I found out you were hurt, a wave rushed over me. I literally thought, “Wow. I never even thought he could get hurt.” To me you have always been the man that can do anything. Your accomplishments in life, church, and home are not small accomplishments. You are the example of what a father and husband should be. I am so very thankful that you are my dad. Words cannot discribe just how thankful I am. Now that I am married and have a child, I am even more grateful for you. The way you are with Sydney just melts my heart. The way you and Mom have pulled Ryan into the family to where he is no longer seen as a son-in-law but as your son…there are no words that can say thank you enough. I love how you love each of your children. You are selfless and a true example of “daddy”. Thank you. Those two words just don’t seem like enough. I love you.

And, of course, I can’t leave my husband out…

100_3570-1Sydney and Ryan

To my husband, tears form in my eyes just thinking about how wonderful you are. To watch you change from Ryan into Daddy has been incredible. I always knew you would make a wonderful dad. It amazed me how quickly you took to it. The moment Sydney was born, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. You would whisper in her ears so sweet and lovingly when she was crying those first few hours. Instantly, she would hush and listen to what her daddy was saying. You are her world, and for good reason. The moment she wakes up, she asks where you are. When she sees your car in the driveway, she screams, “DADDY’S HOME!! DADDY’S HOME!!” She adores you. I adore you. Thank you for being a man she can look up to, a model of what a husband and father should be, a fun dad that she can play with, and a man that loves her so very much. What more could I ask for as the father of my children? Nothing. You take my breath away with how naturally fatherhood comes to you. I love you. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Father’s Day. You deserve it so very much!


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  1. Wonderfully put! I like reading your words. Tell Ryan we said Happy Father’s Day! Oh, and I actually blogged today too, believe it or not! Love ya!!

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