Family Memorial Day Weekend


***Sorry for the blog silence. You know that saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? Well, I’ve been going with that motto on my blog. I’ve been in a funky mood lately & really didn’t have any overly positive posts going through my head. Horrible, right?! Since I realized I was in a mood, I decided to keep my mood to myself instead of passing it to others with this blog.***

This past weekend we got the chance to hang out with Ryan’s brothers from Atlanta and San Diego. We haven’t seen Jon & Corena (the San Diego fam) since last May. So, we were especially tickled to get to see them! Hanging out with Kit, Laura, and Baby Zoë is always fun. They were icing on the cake!

Family pictureFamily Picture

Corena Sydney & ZoëAunt Corena with Sydney and Zoë

Sydney LOVES Baby Zoë! When referring to Zoë Sydney will say, “MY Baby Zoë”. She is so in love with her baby cousin! It’s cute to watch. Sydney would get jealous when others were holding Zoë. Not because the person had Zoë instead of her, though. She was jealous that the person had Zoë and she didn’t! I have to admit, I’m a little fond of the little one, too. 😉

Laura and SydneyAunt Laura & Sydney

Our family 2My little family

Sydney kissing ZoëSydney loving on Zoë

So, our Memorial Day consisted of hanging out with family and enjoying each others company. What a blessing.

This weekend…CAMPING!! Ryan got a new huge tent as a graduation gift! Yay!! We can’t wait to break it in this weekend. As of now, it looks to be the perfect weekend to go. I’m just praying that the weather holds and nothing changes! Please, rain, stay away!! You can rain all week and all week next week. Just please give us this weekend!! 🙂


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