Fun Weekend with Pops and Deeda


This past weekend was packed with fun. Pops and Deeda (aka Steve & Rita–Ryan’s parents) came to visit. They arrived Saturday morning. We packed up our lunch & headed to the zoo. We arrived just as our bellies were starting to growl. So, we toted in our lunch & ate right off. After finishing lunch, Pops and Deeda gave Ryan his graduation gift…his iPhone! He was so excited! He’s been holding out for one.

We stayed at the zoo for a few hours. That’s the nice thing about having a zoo membership! It was hot & Sydney was quite cranky. So, we called it an early day for the zoo & headed on to do other fun things. We stopped quickly at the AT&T store for Ryan to pick up his new phone & then headed over to the Mall at St. Matthews. After seeing all the stores we wanted, we headed to downtown Louisville. Ryan picked Joe’s Crabshack to be his celebration dinner. Of course, the one night a member of our family would choose to eat there would be the night of a festival, prom, and when they had reservations for a group of 15, 25, and 50!! It took quite a while to be seated, but when we were our food turned out to be worth the wait! Sydney even ate almost all of her pizza…which is a big thing for her.

Sunday, we headed to church & then Ryan grilled out chicken, tomatoes, green beans, and corn on the cob. Yummy!! I love that he knows how to cook all of that on the grill. I am thankful that he does because our A/C is out! We would have really heated up the kitchen if I had to cook inside!

We had such a great visit with Deeda and Pops! It was a perfect weekend to enjoy the outdoors! “Thanks, Pops & Deeda for coming & for such a great visit!!”

As for the A/C, we’ve put a call into our landlords. It is a new unit that was put in last year. I’m hoping with the combination of it being new & cooler temperatures on the way, we won’t have to worry about it getting too hot for Sydney.


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