My Perfect Weekend


The most precious sound to my ears these days is listening to my daughter sing along to her Praise Baby Collection DVD. To hear the name of God sung by these innocent lips moves me every time. The other thing that melts my heart is listening to her pray. The things she thinks of praying for are really sweet. Her prayer this morning was, “Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and Sydney. Thank you for the animals. Thank you for the fireworks. Amen.” It melts me to hear her. Here’s what she was thanking God for:

On Friday, as promised, we headed to the Louisville Zoo. It is one of our family’s favorite places to go. We get a membership each year & then go as much as we can. I love having a membership because it allows me to go & stay as long as I want or as short as I want with no guilt. I know we go enough to eventually be going free. Anyway, back to the subject, Sydney and I went and saw many animals. One of our favorites of the day was the orangutan. He/she came right up to the glass. It was really neat. I was taking pictures of Sydney watching the orangutan. She looked at me and said, “No, picture there!”, and was pointing at the orangutan. She was in awe.

100_3551Sydney in awe of the orangutan.

We headed from there to the elephants, lions, camels, and giraffes. Then, Daddy called!! He said he was on his way!! We hung out around the front of the zoo watching different animals anticipating his arrival. Once Sydney’s eyes fixed on Ryan walking to us, she took off with arms wide open yelling, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!” Right now, Daddy is invincible! He’s her favorite person of all! She thinks he can do no wrong, fix everything, and of course, is the coolest person alive! It’s very cute and makes me smile from ear to ear!

100_35591Sydney and Ryan watching the camels while waiting for the giraffes to eat.

We spent several more hours seeing many more animals. We even headed back to the giraffes to see them eat. The zoo workers bring the giraffes up close so individuals can feed them. Sydney didn’t feed them this time, but her jaw was dropped in getting to see them up close. Anytime we ask her what animals we’re going to see at the zoo, she replies first with the giraffes. I’m pretty sure that’s her favorite zoo animal.

Saturday morning, Sydney and I went to the gym while Ryan played with the Navy. Sydney, of course, played with other kids in the childcare area while I worked off a few of the calories that I would be eating that evening at Thunder Over Louisville. Once we got home, we cleaned up and got ready to head to Louisville.

We met Ryan at one of the stores he frequently works at in Louisville. It is very close to downtown. From there we left one car and rode together to find parking, which we found a lot quicker than I expected! We got our gear out of the car and headed several blocks down to the riverfront. While walking, we could see many of the planes performing their stunts in the airshow. Every time Sydney’s eyes spotted one, she would point until one of us said, “Yeah! We see it!” She loved seeing the airplanes. We at junk food & played waiting on the legendary fireworks. We had 2 hours to wait…and wait…and wait… Normally, that would not be a problem, but to keep a 2 1/2 year old in one small area for that amount of time required some creativity. Sydney was asking for ice cream, what she really meant was that she wanted some shaved ice that she saw. Ryan obliged. Thank goodness he did! It kept her happy & occupied for a long time!

100_3569Sydney and Ryan at Thunder Over Louisville.

mommy-sydney-daddyMy little family…playing with the camera & waiting for the fireworks!

mommy-sydneyMe with my little love.

Once the fireworks started, they proved to be well worth the wait! The cannons we sat fairly close to, were a little louder than Sydney would have liked. She told us afterwards that the fireworks were loud but she liked them. Success!! That’s all I could ask for! I knew they would be loud for her ears, but she’s always seemed to enjoy the fireworks. Ryan said that it was one of the coolest things he’s ever seen in his life. Again, success!! It made my day knowing that they were both so happy. Of course, I loved the fireworks, too!! I can safely say that this will be a must-do-again type thing. 🙂

That was my weekend. Full of family fun & lots of smiles. Minus the sunburn I got at the zoo & Ryan having to be at the Navy early this morning after getting in at 1 AM, I would say it was the perfect weekend!! I’m pretty sure he would agree, too.


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