GREAT Birthday!!


At first, I was REALLY dreading my birthday. It looked like I was going to be home cleaning house & doing the usual thing. That’s not a horrible thing…at least I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home!! However, I was a tad disappointed. Then, Ryan came home the other day & told me he was taking the day off!! Whoohoo!! No dishes or laundry that day for me!!

We ended up going to the gym and getting in a “birthday workout” (aka easy workout). After heading home, getting cleaned up, & eating lunch we headed to Louisville. We used a gift card we got for Christmas (Thanks Kit & Laura!!) to see Monsters vs. Aliens. It was a very cute movie. We all enjoyed it. After the movie, we went to Kohl’s for a little shopping. Our plan was to go on to dinner, but we ate too much popcorn! So, some mild shopping was in order. After Kohl’s was Chili’s!! My TX friends know how much I love Chili’s! That was usually my pick for birthday lunch at PRCC. After dinner, we headed home…arriving just in time to see who was kicked off Dancing with the Stars!

It was a perfect day! Although it was rainy and dreary, it didn’t get my spirits down. I was with my two loves on my birthday. Can’t get much better than that!


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