New Hobby…the Gym?!


Ryan and I have started working out at the gym again. It’s a win-win situation. Sydney LOVES going playing with other kids & we get in a good workout. I use to HATE going because Sydney would cry the entire time I worked out. Now, she takes her shoes off & runs to the toy she wants. After our workout is finished, she’s happy to go. It’s made the experience so much better.

Speaking of the experience being better, I have actually been enjoying working out!! What’s up with that?! It really makes me want to look in the mirror and say, “Who in the world are you?” I even went today during the day because Ryan will be too busy to workout tonight. AND if Ryan said he wanted to go tonight, I’d be happy to go back. This really is not like me, but I like it!

While being on these shots, I have gained ALL the weight back that I had lost. I currently weigh the same I did when I came home from the hospital after having Sydney. That’s been frustrating. Now, with my new found enjoyment in the gym, I actually believe that the weight will come off!! Hopefully by the summer, I will be a new gal!! Whoohoo!!


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