Days All Mixed Up


The past two weeks, Sydney and I have gone to Paducah on Monday & come back on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Because of this, I have my days SOO mixed up. For instance, today feels like Monday since we just got home from the “weekend” yesterday. I keep telling myself that it is Thursday & the weekend starts tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure it will kick in when Ryan gets off work tomorrow. Although it has throughly confused me as to which day of the week it is, we have been blessed by these trips with visits with family & consignment sales. My child always has more clothes than I do & they’re always more stylish!! Thanks to Deeda & Gigi for helping me stock up on clothes for this little one!! 

This has been the first year that I have participated in the consignment sales. Last year, I was still too attached to the baby clothes to give them up. This year, I left myself a running start just incase our next baby (whenever he/she comes) is a girl & right at Sydney’s birthday. It’s not unheard of. My mom & her brother were 5 years apart but their birthdays were separated by one day. Nathan & I are 4 years apart and our birthdays are separated by 2 days. Originally I thought it would be cool for Sydney & her sibling to be 3 years apart separated by 3 days. Since Sydney will be 3 in October, it looks like that’s a no-go! heehee. Anyway, I have left myself enough clothes to get us through the beginning & have started consigning the older things. I have to tell you, it was not easy at first to get rid of these clothes, but it has been addicting!! 

I am the type of person that would much rather sell, donate, or give away something that I haven’t used in the last 6 months than let it sit in our garage or closets. Most of the people around me are quite the opposite…including my husband! We have been working on this issue & I think come to a compromise. As long as it is very sentimental (ex. letters from a grandmother while out to sea) they can be kept…1,000 shells picked up on a beach just because…no. I DO NOT like clutter. Ryan feels the same, thank goodness. So, we are defining the boundaries on the things that can stay.

I told you the type of person I am to now tell you that when it comes to Sydney’s things…I am the opposite. I want to keep EVERYTHING! Clothes that should be passed on, I want to keep because she just looked sooo cute in it out on the back porch while we were playing last summer. AHHHH!!! I vow not to keep everything & this spring I have started the process of not keeping the things we don’t need to keep for the next baby. Man, it is painful to get rid of these things! I NEVER would have thought I would say that!

Now, that I have started the process of consigning. I am excited to see the new things coming in & to see the old things going to other little ones. It’s been a process, but I’m coming around.


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  1. Oh yea, consigning is so much fun! I’m like you with the getting rid of stuff, but I don’t mind getting rid of the baby stuff. You’d think I’d have a lot less clutter.

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