Growin’ Up


I’m going to be taking my little girl to the doctor today, two year check-up. Yes, for those of you who know her birthday, it is late. Reason: EVERYTIME I take her to the doctor when she’s well, she gets sick. I guess she picks up germs while she’s there. That made me wait until birthday, seeing sweet Zoë, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were over. My plan was to schedule an appointment in January. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that January was a month from you know where for us. The appointment was made for February instead…today to be exact.

While I have been thinking about this appointment, I feel a little weird about it. I really feel that the last time I took my daughter to the doctor she was still in that baby stage (18 months). Now, she’s a little girl. For example, here’s the difference:

Sydney 18 months oldSydney, Mother’s Day weekend 2008

sydney-2-13-09Sydney Feb. 13, 2009 (2 years old)

Once I went searching for the picture I was looking for, I was really amazed at how much she’s changed. My baby doll playin’, dress-up, kid lovin’ little girl is just that now…a little girl. It’s weird & fun at the same time. I do get sad looking at the old pictures. She was a precious little one learning to walk & talk. However, in the next moment, she’ll do something or say something to make me laugh so hard. Right now, I’m lovin’ life & lovin’ being her mom.


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  1. It must be so bittersweet! I already miss the baby Zoë was a month ago…and yet, I love the baby she is now! I can imagine all of the emotions realizing your baby has become a little girl. But what fun! I miss my Sydney and can’t wait until we can all “play” together again!

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