Happy Birthday, Mama!


Mom at the hospital the day after I had Sydney

My mom at the hospital the day after I had my daughter

We’re going into Paducah this weekend for my mom’s birthday. I’m so happy that we live close enough now that we are able to see her on her birthday and help her celebrate. I couldn’t ask for a better mom. She has pushed me when I needed pushing, guided me when I needed guidance, listened when I needed an ear, picked me up when I fell only to dust me off, give me confidence, and send me back on my way, and loved me unconditionally. Once she became a grandmother, she again amazed me. She is loving with Sydney. Even though the love is obvious, she still makes sure Sydney does what she should instead of letting Sydney do whatever she wants. She is a great example of a mother, grandmother, and friend.

I love you, Mom. I hope you have an amazing birthday!!!!


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  1. Nobody is gonna argue with that post! Vicki is everything you said, AND THEN SOME! I would also add that she is an amazing mother-in-law to my baby girl!

    Happy, Happy Vicki!

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