Not Too Talkative


I’ve had cable and internet since yesterday afternoon. Comcast worked very quickly to get us back up and going…especially since we had a line down. Anyway, although I’m sure there is a TON I could talk about, I haven’t been in the blogging mood…not sure why. To be nice & not leave you hanging, I thought I’d write a little blog.

Yesterday we went to Fort Knox to get new tags for our car & Ryan an new ID. For a 2 year old that had not had lunch & was missing a nap, Sydney was VERY good. We were there waiting for 3 hours combined!! I was a little anxious when I saw how long the line was. However, she proved my fears wrong. She was great!

After we had everything taken care of, we went to the commissary to get our groceries. While there, we discovered that it might be well worth the drive once a month or so to get our groceries. We got our milk for $1.59!!! Other things were cheaper, too, but that was the one that really shocked us!! It was a perk in my day, anyway.Valentine's Day 2008

Valentine’s Day 2008 (Sydney’s almost 16 months old)

We have decided what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day…Chuck E Cheese!! For my longtime blogger friends, you probably remember us going last year. For others, you can check out this post. We had a blast & decided that was what we wanted to do again this year. I can’t wait.

The other news we have to tell…we’re officially potty training!!!! :o) Sydney has been doing great. She’s only had a few accidents each day and has been soooo proud of herself! I bought her Tinker Bell underwear today as motivation to keep going. She was very pleased with our purchase. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. It’s safe to say that Mommy is very excited!

More to come, but probably not until after Valentine’s Day. :o)


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