Bad Luck Club


So far our 2009 hasn’t really been that great, in my opinion. We spent more on our car to be fixed than was necessary…we found out later. Our car still needs a new transmission. I really think it has the desire to surrender and just die. However, we have different plans for it. Originally, it was going to be our long-term family car. Since Ryan has put MANY miles on it in the last year, our plans for the car have changed. Soon, it will become our emergency car & will get a “new” (aka new-to-us) car that will become the family car. That is the plan, anyway. We weren’t planning on getting a new car for a while. We aren’t fans of car payments. However, it seems we have no choice.

After that happened, came the lovely ice storm that has had us on the road for a week. Thankfully, our power is back on & Ryan is home. However, we had many fast food meals & gas fill-ups because of being on the road. Plus, with the ice storm, we also had to dump out everything from our refrigerator and freezer. That was painful!! Now, we’ll have to replace our food when Sydney and I get back.

As if all of that wasn’t enough for the last month or so, Ryan calls today to tell me that our washer is on the fritz. LOVELY! We’re hoping that it is just something little. That wouldn’t be our luck, but boy wouldn’t it be nice!

I’m just wondering? Why all the bad luck? It’s not much fun. I’ve never been a lucky person, but boy this has been some bad luck! Hopefully, things will take a turn for the better soon. I just keep telling myself that there are others that have it much, much worse!!


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  1. Things happen in 3’s so hopefully your washer is #3 and you can have everything out of the way for the next 11 months! Hang in there….you know you are loved by many and that is not bad luck at all!

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