Cold Dayz


The last few days have been quite interesting. We have been lucky. So, please don’t hear me complaining.

Tuesday, after hearing from our parents and my grandmother, I knew that Paducah was without power. I was hopeful that the power would be turned back on for them before nightfall. That turned out not to be the case. In fact, they still don’t have power.

By 8 pm Tuesday night, we were also without power. We acted quickly and lit all our candles and found all the blankets we could. After we had all of that finished we realized it was close to bed time. We decided to head to bed early. For a while, all Sydney wanted to do was play. Finally, though, we were able to convince her to go to sleep instead of playing.

While laying in bed listening to the eerie & quiet night we could hear pop, pop, crash over and over. We cringed every time we heard it hoping it wasn’t going to be our tree hitting the garage or house. Although we have a ton of big limbs down in our yard and our neighbor’s yard from that tree, it didn’t do any damage. Thank goodness!!

Wednesday morning when we woke up, it was FREEZING!!!! I have no idea how cold it was in the house. All I know is  it didn’t register on our thermostat which starts at 50 degrees. I got colder just knowing it was colder than 50 in the house!!

To keep us warm, we blocked off the living room by tacking up a blanket in the hallway. We both took showers & were VERY thankful for hot water! Those two showers warmed our bedroom and us. Although, the thermostat never got hot enough to register, we were much warmer. We dressed and headed to Wal-Mart. Isn’t that what we were suppose to do?? I mean, the whole city was there. So evidently that is the required action! Ha! Of course since 85% of Elizabethtown is without power, we’re all trying to find a place to stay warm!

Once we returned home, knowing that it was going to get down to 10 degrees last night, we chose to start calling to find a room. Ryan is sent out-of-town quite a lot with his job. He has been great about staying at the same hotel group & banking the points for them. Although we had to drive an hour and a half to the nearest vacancy within that hotel group, we have 2 nights (possibly 3 if we need it) free!! Last night we were quite happy to make that drive knowing that we were going to be in a warm place instead of under 1,000 covers trying to keep warm. Plus, the best thing about it…I didn’t have to go to the restroom on a frigid toilet!! I told Ryan he should be thankful he’s a boy!

We have talked to our parents and my grandmother. Ryan’s parents and other family members headed to Clarksville to seek shelter & warmth. My parents are staying warm via their gas log fireplace. My grandmother is at her house with a small kerosene heater. So, everyone is ok. I have heard from many of my friends that they still have not heard from their families. I am very thankful that we were able to get in contact with ours.

I realized during all of this that this will be a story that we will one day tell Sydney. I’m thankful that the story will only include one cold night!


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