Adjusting to “Normal Days”


I have been wanting to blog, but don’t really have a ton to blog about. My days have been the same lately…routine, routine, routine. I am not complaining about that, though! The laundry is staying done. The kitchen is usually tidy. Lately, I have been feeling so behind. It felt that there was no way to get caught up. That was usually due to us being gone & huge stacks of laundry that needed immediate attention when we got home. It has been refreshing to know when I get up that there isn’t a million things that need to be done. I’m sure many of you can relate.

One thing that is different lately is that I have been working out. Granted, it’s not the hardest workout ever, but it is a step up from doing nothing! Since we got our Wii & Wii Fit, I have been doing the yoga, strength training, and aerobics while Sydney is napping. My muscles are sore from it. So, it shows I’m doing something. Plus, Ryan and I are trying to start working out at the gym again. It will get Sydney and me out of the house as well as getting Ryan and I healthier. I am hoping that the combination of exercising and eating healthier will give us a better year, health-wise!!


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