Christmas, Christmas


This year is by far my favorite Christmas. As I said in my last post, we had Christmas with Ryan’s parents the weekend before Christmas. Ryan worked Monday-Wednesday. On Wednesday, he got up at 4 AM so that he could go to Louisville to work, go to the gym, and be back home close to the time we get up!! How amazing is he?! When we got up, I called to see what kind of day he was having. He said he was already back in E-town & working out at the gym. He said he was almost done & would be home soon. Now, until that point I didn’t realize how early he had gotten up & why. It melted my heart that he was willing to work extra hard to get back home early to have the whole two days with us! Thanks, Ryan!!!

Christmas Eve, we went grocery shopping & then hung out at the house. That night, we ate a delicious meal & watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas…again. It was a ton of fun!! At about 8:30 pm, we put Sydney to bed. Then came the fun! By the time we were finished helping Santa, it was 11:30 pm!  We quickly headed to bed since we knew that she would be getting up early.

Christmas morning was magical for me. Sydney strolled into our bedroom saying, “Look at me, guys! Look at me!” Why was she saying that? She got to sleep in her “Christmas dress” (gown). She was so tired the night before that she had forgotten she was in her “dress”. She crawled in bed with us & we had a few precious moments cuddling & playing. With our schedules lately, that is a rarity. While Ryan and Sydney played, I got everything ready. Once Sydney came around the corner to see what Santa brought, she lit up! She LOVED her kitchen set! That was the one that I was worried about. We found a kitchen set at ALDI for $29! It wasn’t the kitchen set that I had really wanted to get her. There are really cool kitchen sets at the gym she plays with & at other places. So, I was worried that this one wasn’t going to be good enough. Dumb me. She’s a kid. Of course it will be! She has played more with this $29 kitchen set than she has played with any other toy she got!! That made this mommy happy.

Christmas afternoon, Gigi, Pawpaw, & Grandma arrived!! Sydney stood at the door saying, “Come in, guys!! Come in!!” She was SO excited to see them! She then proceeded to show them her presents from Santa as well as her fish. It was very cute. It reminded me of when I was a little girl. We use to open presents from my parents & see what Santa brought first thing in the morning. Well, after Dad got the camera set up. That always felt like it took forever! Now as the parent, I look back & giggle. After presents were opened, my dad started breakfast (his one time of the year he always cooked) and we were told to call Grandma & Grandpa. They would walk down (they lived 3 doors down) & see what all we had gotten. That was every year. So, this year felt very reminiscent of my childhood years.

That night we curled up and watched Ice Age 2. The fact that my dad suggested it was quite surprising! He has definitely turned into a Pawpaw!! 😉 It’s so cute to see!

Friday, we watched TV, played on computers, cooked, and enjoyed the day together. It was a very relaxing day. Absolutely perfect, if you ask me!

That night, Nathan and Kacey arrived. Once they were here and settled in, we opened presents. Sydney got more fun toys while Ryan and I got a Wii!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!! We have played that thing soooo much since we got it. It has served as exercise (We got a free Wii Fit with our points through our bank. It had been sitting in the closet waiting for us to get a Wii!) as well as wonderful entertainment. It was the perfect gift to get while company was here!! Thanks, Mom & Dad!!!

Saturday was filled with more Wii activity along with great food!! We played, ate, and chilled all day. After watching Back to the Future II, Gigi, Pawpaw, and Grandma had to leave. They got caught in a horrible storm around Calvert City, but luckily made it home safely. Nathan and Kacey stayed the night. Of course, more Wii was involved!

Sunday we went to church here in E-town, ate at Rafferty’s (YUM!), Kacey and I shopped at Old Navy, and played more Wii…of course. They left around 6 pm.

We had a GREAT Christmas. It was refreshing to be home the whole holiday. It did make us feel guilty since that meant that it put everyone else out. We all decided to meet here since we were half way between Nathan and Kacey and Mom & Dad. That was their choice. So, it shouldn’t make us feel bad, but it did. We were very thankful to have Christmas Eve & Christmas with our little family. Seeing Sydney’s face as she looked at what Santa brought was priceless. It is a memory I will hold forever.

It was a wonderfully special holiday. Thank you to all of our family that drove to be with us. We are very grateful for you!


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