Beginning of Christmas


Yesterday we had Christmas with Ryan’s parents. They arrived a little before noon. We were close to having the food prepped when they got here. After visiting for about an hour, we stuck the food in the oven & waited for the delicious meal. We had ham, green bean bundles, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, salad, and a roll. YUM! Ryan also made some dip for chips, an apple crisp, and a pumpkin pie. It was a very good lunch…which turned into a dinner for tonight. 😉

After lunch, it was time to open presents. Sydney was quite cute opening them. If it was something to wear, she wanted it on. If it was something to play with, she wanted it out of the packaging so she could play with it right then. She didn’t realize that there was more presents to get through before the actual playing began. She loved all of her presents. It was fun watching her. We had fun opening ours, too. Thanks, Deeda and Pops!

After Deeda and Pops left that evening, we popped in a movie. I have to say that I was quite skeptical about how good Horton Hears a Who would be. I really thought it was going to be quite dumb. Not sure why. I like Dr. Suess’s books. However, I didn’t have much faith in this movie. I was very wrong. It was a great movie! Sydney’s eyes were glued to the movie the entire time. Plus, there were several times that Ryan and I laughed out loud. We both agreed that it exceeded our expectations.

Today, the newsworthy information is that we went to Wal-Mart and bought the fish for Sydney’s aquarium. Wal-Mart was cheaper than the pet stores we have seen. Plus, they had the most colorful fish! That surprised me. We almost left Wal-Mart to go to the pet store next door because it took FOREVER to get someone to come help us! I don’t think any of their associates really like working in the fish department! We finally were able to get the fish in their new home. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they all live through the night! I have done my research before setting up this aquarium, but research doesn’t always translate into results! So, fingers are crossed! Does that translate into results? Not sure…

Ryan is working Monday-Wednesday. He’s off after that! Yay! Plus, starting Monday, he has a 2 week break from school for the holidays! I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Much family time is planned & that always makes me happy!


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