Snow Day!!


Today was a snow day for our family! It was a ton of fun! Sydney saw the snow & instantly wanted to get out and play in it. She was so patient with me about getting all of her gear on. I couldn’t believe it! We lucked out, too. The snow suit that Deeda gave Sydney for Christmas last year still fits. It was big on her last year. I thought that was odd, but thought maybe it was suppose to be big to leave room for her bulky clothes. Silly mom! Now, I realize that it was marked incorrectly. It says it’s 12 months. It should have been marked 24 months. That was an error that has worked to our advantage! She loved her outfit!

Once we were outside, she just lit up. She said, “I love playing in the snow.” However, it sounded more like, “I wuv pwayin’ in du snow!” It was cute! She loved walking around and hearing the snow crunch as she stepped. She would “dig” in the snow. She even tried to make snow angels!! I was quite surprised that she even knew what snow angels were much less try to make them on her own without us even saying anything!! She didn’t know how to move her legs, but she would lay down & move her arms back and forth. Ryan asked her if she came preprogrammed or something! The only way she could have known is from the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version). That is all we can figure out. She definitely knew what to do. It was pretty cool that she could translate it from the movie to the snow today! We did stay out longer than my mommy radar told me we should, but it was worth it. Finally, she said she was hungry. So, we headed in for grilled cheeses & soup! Yum!!

It has been such a great day…definitely a blessing. I knew I wanted some down time with my two loves. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until today. This day has definitely filled my cup!

Here are a few pictures of our cold weather lovin’ tot:

Sydney catching the snow

Snow lovin' Sydney


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