Thoughts of Today


Luke 6:31 (NIV) says “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” How easy it is when it is with a person that treats you with kindness. How hard it is with a person who treats you poorly. I have often thought that by living by this verse, the person I treat kindly would see the kindness & change how they treat me. That is not what that verse says at all. Even in times when we are treated badly by others, we are to take the higher road. Not so we have a better life from then on, but because that is how we are suppose to act.

I don’t do that naturally. It takes much work on my part. If I am treated poorly, I tend to shut down & limit my interaction with that individual. It’s a defense mechanism, I’m sure. How much more pleased would God be if I put my hurt and pain aside & treated the other person with kindness instead of walking away?

This has been on my mind all day. It is so much easier for me to hole up & block the world out. It is quite difficult for me to put myself out there over and over again. I firmly believe that God has put this verse on my heart for a reason. He’s still working on me. I’m such a bunch of flaws, I suspect he’ll be working on me until I take my last breath.


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