Checking Off the To-Do List Gets Quite Exhausting


Wow! This past weekend was a BUSY weekend!! Our original plan at the beginning of this month was to use last weekend for our little family. It was the only weekend of the month we would have for just the 3 of us. It turned out that our back-up car had other plans. So, the weekend I was supposed to go to Paducah to get my and Sydney’s hair cut, didn’t work quite that way. Sydney and I stayed home while Ryan took the only working car to Louisville to be with the Navy. This past weekend turned into a Paducah weekend instead of being a weekend for our little family. It’s ok, though. It looks like we’ll get a long weekend after New Years! It feels like forever since the 3 of us have had some time to ourselves. It will be nice to be able to hang out together.

Back to last weekend. Saturday started with Sydney and me being at the hair salon at 10 am. I was SO nervous that she wouldn’t sit still or would be scared. She did great!! She was ready to be done by the end of it, but she did really well! I’m sad that I didn’t get any pictures of her new haircut. I’ll have to get a few soon & post them. We mainly just evened everything up, but boy does it make her look more like a little girl & less like a baby!!

After having finished with my part of the appointment, we made sandwiches at my parents’ house. Ryan and I then trekked out to the mall to finish our Christmas shopping. It took us most of the afternoon! Luckily, as we were there, the mall crowd thinned out. It was quite nice getting some alone time with my hubby. That is very rare these days.

We picked my grandmother up for dinner and met my parents & Sydney at O’Charleys. The food was yummy!! I love O’Charleys! After dinner, we all headed to my grandmother’s for a little while. She put up her Christmas tree & decorations out the weekend before while she was sick so that Sydney could see them this weekend! She is such a sweet woman! So, we let Sydney see Grandma’s lights & play there for a while. By the time we got back to my parents’ it was time for pjs and bed!

Sunday we also ran. We headed to church that morning, ate a quick bite at Wendy’s, packed our clothes quickly, headed to Ryan’s parents’, and then headed home. We arrived at home just in time for us to start dinner.

Whew! It was one busy, busy weekend…one that I’m paying for today, I might add. I knew that I was overdoing it, but we had to get it all done. I have time to rest this week.

This coming weekend starts the Christmas festivities! Ryan’s parents will be here to kick off our celebrations! I think I’m going to be sad when Christmas is over.


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