Early Morning Ramblings


Since we have rattly windows and the wind is going 90 miles an hour, I’ve been up for quite sometime. I’ve enjoyed my quiet morning…weird for someone who really does hate early mornings. I have enjoyed it so much that the thought has crossed my mind to get up earlier that Sydney each day…even weirder! So, you can gather that I’ve had a weird morning. 😉

I’ve been reading some of my old blogs from a year ago. WOW!! So much has changed in such little time. My baby girl has turned into a little girl. Although that does make me sad, it has been very cool seeing her change. She is able to communicate now, which is really neat. Hearing her thoughts is so fun. My days are much less lonely. I actually have a person here! Ha!

When Sydney was a baby, I remember the days feeling so lonely. I would laugh at myself for feeling that way because I was constantly catering to this baby. How in the world could I feel lonely?! Now that she is talking (and testing) my days are much less lonely. 🙂

Ryan has been away since yesterday morning. Sydney understood last night that he wasn’t going to be here for bedtime. So, she brought me my phone and said, “Talk a Daddy.” I asked her if she wanted to call Daddy and tell him good-night (my little way of saying, “Yes, you are still going to bed even though you are stalling.”). She replied, “Yes! I talk a Daddy!!” So, we called Daddy. She talked to him for quite a while & was very sad when we had to get off the phone. Then she said, “Talk a PawPaw.” Yes, she’s quite good at stalling!!

She’s such a smart little cookie. There are times when I don’t realize just how smart she is until later. That’s not good…mommy, keep up!! She’s also quite stubborn!! NO idea where she gets that from!! We both deny it firmly! 🙂 I say both of those statements to say that she still is not potty trained. No, I’m not pushing her. She will gladly tell me that she wants to be a baby and wear diapers! This is a problem. So, to remedy, I told her that as soon as she’s potty trained (in toddler terms), we will get her a fish to put in her room. She was VERY excited. After saying that, I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty. To which she replied, “No…diaper.” See…I tell you, stubborn! Ah…hopefully by the end of 2009 I won’t be saying that she’s still in diapers!

Those are the thoughts that have been roaming through my head. Hope you’ve enjoyed my early morning! Have a great Tuesday!! I’m headed to wake the sleepyhead up now. 9:13 AM, who sleeps in ’til then?! ha!


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  1. I don’t want to rush her. I’m really ok with her deciding to on her own. However, it would be nice to not be paying for diapers anymore!

  2. Reagan is stubborn too!! I get frustrated with her because I know she can. She will use the potty 3-4 times a day. She would just rather play then take the time. It is so opposite of Rylie I have to remind myself to be patient with her. I am off for 2 weeks at Christmas so I am hoping to work a little more with her. Maybe we can both be diaper free in 2009!!

    (Sorry if you got this twice, it keeps giving me an error message when I hit submit)

    • Our girls are so much alike it’s crazy!!! You’ll definitely have to let me know what works if you figure something out!! Sydney went 3 times yesterday!!…but then none today so far! Crazy girl! :o) Good luck!!

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