Mostly Rambling About Christmas


We are well on our way to watching all of our favorite Christmas movies. So far, we have covered Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Jack Frost. The great thing about seeing those?! We weren’t even planning on watching any Christmas movies yet! How the Grinch Stole Christmas happens to be our pick for Christmas Eve…not really because it’s our favorite, but because we felt like the little miss would sit through that one. We were right! She would play on the commercial breaks, but would climb back in one of our laps when the movie came back on! It is so nice that this time of year there are good QUALITY movies on TV for us to watch…and by quality, I mean, it doesn’t feel necessary to put in the risque things.

I am really looking forward to Christmas and New Years this year! Ryan found out yesterday that he is able to take the day after Christmas off & the day after New Years! That means one 5 day weekend and one 4 day weekend! How cool!! He will also get a break from school during that time. It will be so nice to have our Ryan back!! He stays so busy. He’s still pleasant to be around, don’t get me wrong! We just don’t get much fun time with him since he has so much that has to be accomplished each day. It was a nice surprise to hear that we will have all of him for both holidays! 🙂

I only have 2 more people to buy presents for, and I’m done!! I should easily wrap those two people up next weekend. 🙂 All of the presents that are here in E-town are wrapped and under the tree. I have 3 more presents at my mom’s house to wrap & bring back. I’m so close to being done!!

(We did have a little problem with the wrapped presents under the tree that at the beginning. Sydney thought they were there for her to open! Thank goodness I heard her before the present was opened & thank goodness she picked a present that wasn’t hers! We had a talk about them & how they are for other people & will be opened when those people arrive here at the house. She has been GREAT since then!)

I was quite impressed with myself the other day with how much I have gotten accomplished so early in the month. Then I realized that it wasn’t really because I was so good, but because I no longer have a baby/toddler. I have a 2 year old that shops fairly well most days, plays well at the house, and takes good naps! I have much more “free” time than I use to! I have to say, this year has been much easier!

Off to have a fun day with my little girl!! We’re home today while Daddy plays Navy. Of course, the plan would have been: church, lunch, nap, fun. However, our back-up car decided to not be much of a back-up this weekend. 😦 Our day will look more like: play, lunch, nap, fun. Hope you all have a great Sunday!


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