Christmas is My Favorite Time of the Year


Christmas 2007Christmas 2007…Wow! It’s already been a year!

It is so hard to believe the picture above was taken a year ago! Man, time really flies. It’s going way too fast. There are SO many times that I feel like I’ve missed out on what Sydney’s accomplished just because I wasn’t paying attention. Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, I should probably get off my own case because I’m able to be here much more than other moms. However, this year has taught me to start paying more attention & realize that the little things aren’t going to last forever. If I don’t notice them now, I’ll never get that time back.  I guess this year has taught me to be more aware.

I’m excited about Christmas this year. Sydney is very into “Ho Ho” (aka Santa). She loves watching shows about him, waving at him in the mall, and talking about him. It is really neat to see her eyes light up when we start talking about him. I guess I was excited about Santa when I was little, but I don’t remember being as engrossed in him as she was. I’m having a blast just seeing Christmas through her eyes this year!

Speaking of this year’s Christmas, it’s going to be quite a bit different. Normally, we head to Paducah. We try to allow both families to keep as many traditions as possible. By the end of Christmas, we are exhausted. This year is a year for new traditions. It will be a weird year (because we’re not with family) and an exciting year. I am looking forward to starting traditions that our little family can keep up. It kind of feels like we’re finally grown-ups with our own family! ;o)

Ryan’s parents are going to start off Christmas. They are coming the weekend before Christmas. Since they’re going down to Atlanta to be with baby Zoë and her parents for Christmas this year, we get them a little early. We’re going to open presents, eat a great Christmas meal, find some cool houses with lights, and enjoy our time together. 

As I said earlier, it will just be the three of us for Christmas Eve and Christmas. We’re planning on watching Christmas movies, baking cookies for Santa, waking up to see what Santa brought, opening presents from us, eating Christmas morning waffles, and being lazy. Sounds like a very cool Christmas!

The weekend after Christmas, we’re hoping my workaholic brother (jk Nathan) can get off long enough to make the trip from Indy down to E-town. We plan to spend that time with Nathan and Kacey, my parents, and grandmother. It will be interesting to see how everyone fits in this little house! It will be fun, though!! I’m really looking forward to it.

To sum up, this Christmas will be different. There will be those we will miss (Kit, Laura, and Zoë and Jon & Corena), but we know they’ll be having a great Christmas, too. Although it will be different, it is going to be a Christmas filled with love, happiness, and new traditions.


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