Her name…


Zoë Annelisa HughesZoë Annelisa Hughes!! What a beautiful name!!

I haven’t posted my niece’s name because I’ve had a hard time getting the dots over her “e”. My name is Lesli Geneé. It has been since trying to figure out Zoë’s name that I have figured out how to do my own! So, thanks, Zoë!! You’ve already taught me something & we haven’t even met in person. 

Ryan and I are both biting at the bit to meet Zoë. Of course, we always knew that we wanted to meet her in person as soon as we could. However, we did not realize just how anxious we would be until little Zoë made her debut. Although we have never held her in our arms or seen her in person, we are already in love with this precious little girl!! We feel enormously blessed to call her niece!


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  1. And we can’t wait for ya’ll to meet her!! Thanks for working so hard to figure out her name spelling…I didn’t know ya’ll had that in common! We love you! L & Z

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